198 West 21th Street,
Suite 721 New York

Cell: +95 (0) 123 456 789

My work is an artist’s survival guide told via themes of Love, Liberation and Desire – or please Lord, let me just make it through, let me Live!


This is explored via interpersonal relationships with creativity and creatives’ – which form an abstracted re-ordering of self, that in reality never fully reaches a conclusion


Although there is a focus on the personal, autobiography appears as a projected fantasy – a symbol of a utopian self, which embodies desires for love, safety and belongingness, alongside the present-day obsession with self-Actualisation, Self-Gratification and Self-Immolation.


I began taking photos after leaving a women’s refuge as a teenager, and was placed within a type of care home – I used the camera as portal to filter my reality, establishing an interpersonal relationship between Life and Art – although this was from an old art statement and I kinda hate it now


The work establishes creative methodologies as therapy and erasure – removing and transforming fractions of longed and lived-experience  – so to create new cohesive self-narratives with new and alternative narrative tones.


My brother once said to me -Don’t try to rationalise the irrational – this is maybe the wisest thing ever said  


The work is a space to play, disrupt and undo… Process over Resolution, raising questions rather than answers…


PS… I used to be selectively mute! (Lol)


2009 – 2011:  MA photography (inclusive of moving image), The Royal College of Art

2005: Fine Art BA, University of Castilla La Mancha, Spain

2003 – 2006: Interactive Arts BA, Manchester Metropolitan University